Aurora Theater Shooting

Ten most offensive pop-culture reactions to the Aurora theater shooting

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10. Jeffrey Ross's gag The well-known funny man admitted he "crossed a line" when he brought up the Colorado tragedy during a Comedy Central roast of Roseanne Barr. That night, the roastmaster general compared actor Seth Green to alleged shooter James Holmes, and while he later acknowledged that his peers have apologized for similar circumstances, he has not. Instead, Ross invoked his freedom of speech -- and the channel claimed its option not to air the joke. 9. Conspiracy theories Although many, if not most, questions about the motivations behind the shooting are still unanswered, spectators began formulating their own theories only hours after the event. Among the most prominent were unfounded rumors that Holmes took part in Occupy San Diego and that the entire shooting was staged by the FBI. Online, it's as easy to locate misinformation as it is verified information. Page down to read more of the ten most offensive pop-culture reactions to the Aurora theater shooting.
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