Ten Suggestions for Front Range Places to Have Sex Outdoors

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"How about the dirt bike trails up behind Central City?"

"Hike along the Platte River between W. 88th and Brighton. On a good day, you'll see plenty of Red-tailed Hawks and maybe even a Bald Eagle. Plenty of secluded sand bars and cool refreshing water to clean up/cool off with."

"Hike up Waterton Canyon. Beautiful, pristine, and a cool babbling brooke. Just watch out for babbling fly fishermen."

"Hike around Patrick Lake. It's the long one just east of Bellview and Wadsworth. Plenty of vacant shoreline to explore."

"Bear Creek Canyon. There are many secluded spots as well as a good trail head, that is if you're looking for a trail head."

"Boulder Open Space provides a number of excellent trails along and into the Flat Irons and the hills south of there. True story: Once on an all night hike along the Enchanted Mesa trail under a full moon I stopped and took a short nap on a flat rock. When I woke I realized I was in the middle of a Fairy Ring (a perfect circle) of trees. The next day coming back and ever since then I've never been able to find that perfect circle of trees; Enchanted Mesa indeed."
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