Ten Things Only People From Aurora Understand, According to Movoto

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Number 8: You're Living In A Pho Paradise One of the best parts about the vast diversity of the city of Aurora is the copious amounts of ethnic restaurants to be found. This isn't one of those cities where you're stuck choosing between a slice of pizza or strip mall Chinese buffet. If you want Indian, Aurora's got it. Any Cuban joints around? Of course. Hawaiian? Check. Ethiopian? Korean? Greek? Check, check and check. Oh, and when it comes to Pho, consider Aurora an enthusiastic checkmate. We're talking Bobby Fischer level checkmate.... Number 7: Aurora Is Where Everyone Goes To Get Ripped A lot of cities have picked up on the Crossfit and bootcamp crazes that have gained attention over the years. But nowhere quite has their thumb on the market the way Aurora does. If you find that hard to believe, just look at the statistics. The city is consistently ranked among the healthiest places in America.... Continue to keep counting down the ten things only people from Aurora understand, according to Movoto.
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