Ten Ways Donald Trump's New Strategist Steve Bannon Has Spun Colorado

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Number 5:
Colorado Supreme Court Rejects Fear Mongering of Environmentalists
May 9, 2016

On May 2, a unanimous Colorado Supreme Court decision declared Fort Collins and Longmont’s limits on fracking “invalid and unenforceable” because state law trumps the local ordinances. Several states, including Colorado’s neighbors, New Mexico and Texas, have faced similar anti-oil-and-gas initiatives that have also been shot down.

The consequences of the decision are “comparatively small,” according to the New York Times (NYT), as the land now opened up for exploration represents only a fraction of Colorado’s oil-and-gas development. “More significant, said experts on both sides of the conflict, is that the rulings shut down future efforts to stop fracking in local jurisdictions"....

Number 4:
New Film Highlights How Colorado Got Hijacked by the Left
October 17, 2014

President George W. Bush won Colorado twice and the state had Republican senators throughout the 1990s. But in recent years liberal activists have won a series of victories at the state and federal level, including winning the governor’s mansion, the state legislature, both of its U.S. Senate seats, and victories for President Obama in 2008 and 2012.

The story behind this transformation is told in Rocky Mountain Heist, a documentary that examines how Colorado turned blue announced Thursday by Citizens United Productions President David N. Bossie. Native Coloradan and conservative commentator Michelle Malkin hosts the film, which was written and directed by Jason Killian Meath....

Number 3:
Colorado Held Hostage: Hickenlooper Says He 'Could' Grant Clemency To Mass Shooter If Not Re-Elected
October 7, 2014

If Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) is not re-elected in November, he says he “could” respond to the loss by commuting the death sentence of mass shooter Nathan Dunlap.

Dunlap is the infamous killer who shot 5 and killed 4 at an Aurora Chuck E. Cheese in 1993. He was angered over being fired, and Denver Magazine 5280 reports that Dunlap was at his girlfriend’s apartment having sex with her when the police tracked him down “only…a few hours” after the shootings.

Number 2:

Did an Op-Ed Predict the EPA Disaster in Colorado? No, Not Really
August 12, 2015

On July 30, a local Colorado newspaper called the Silverton Standard & the Miner published an op-ed by a concerned geologist which seems, at first glance, to have anticipated the EPA-caused disaster which made national news a week later.

Looking closely at the letter, it appears the actual disaster was much worse than the op-ed predicted, but the author was right about some of the factors (and results) mentioned in the letter....

Number 1:

Colorado: Expanded Background Checks, ‘High Cap’ Mag Ban, High Profile Shootings
November 28, 2015

Colorado has expanded background checks, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and two high profile shootings within a month’s time.

One of the shootings took place on Halloween, when Noah Harpman opened fire on the streets of Colorado Springs, killing three innocents before being killed by police. The second happened on November 27, when Robert L. Dear opened fire from inside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, killing two civilians and University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) police officer Garrett Swayzee....

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