Thanks for nothing, highway crews and city snowplow drivers

My occasional rants in this space about local highway officials being asleep at the plow are obviously having no impact whatsoever. This morning, for example, I emerged from my Ken-Caryl Ranch garage at about 6 a.m. to see a snowfall predicted by every forecaster I caught over the weekend. Nevertheless, I didn't eyeball a single snowplow or chemical-dropping vehicle, nor spot an iota of evidence that one had recently passed by, during my miserable one-hour commute -- a span nearly triple the usual time it usually takes me at that hour. To add insult to injury, I did see a plow after I parked. It was at the curb across the street from Westword's Broadway offices, literally idling as drivers slipped and slid all around it.

A reminder: Taxpayers don't mind paying for snow-clearing equipment as long as it's used intelligently. Or used at all. -- Michael Roberts


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