That's not Granny in the coffin!: Mortuary can't tell one dead woman from another -- and mistakenly puts dead boy in a pink casket

The folks at Pipkin Mortuary have a lot of 'splainin' to do -- but no amount of apologetic words is likely to salve the wounds of the various families involved in an unbelievable body mix-up -- or another family whose son's remains had to be exhumed following another botch.

The grandchild of Imogene Jackson discovered that an unfamiliar person was in a coffin at an open-casket wake; turns out Imogene had been mistakenly buried in place of another woman with the same last name, Evelyn Lucille Jackson -- the lady laying before them. And once that story broke, another family came forward to say Pipkin initially buried their dead son in a pink casket. The boy's body had to be exhumed and reburied in a coffin with a color scheme they found more appropriate.

Check out Channel 31's coverage of these stories above and below -- and be prepaerd for your jaw to hit the floor.


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