You can purchase your very own "Who Killed the Rocky?" mug.
You can purchase your very own "Who Killed the Rocky?" mug.

The 412 suspects who may have killed the Rocky Mountain News

The Rocky Mountain News may be dead, but it's not forgotten, as demonstrated by, a website devoted to pinning blame for the tabloid's demise -- and making a few bucks in the process. The site's anonymous author describes himself as a onetime Rocky journo grappling with a new, and grim, reality -- which explains a tchotchkes section that includes "Who Killed the Rocky?" mugs, mousepads and T-shirts. "Right, so I'm unemployed now," he writes under a "Shameless Cash-In Attempt" banner, "and in the interest of keeping a roof over my head, I've designed some merchandise to commemorate the Rocky, and to kind of vent a little. I think you should buy some. I mean, how often does a 150-year-old newspaper go under?"

Meanwhile, the main page of the site is devoted to potential culprits in the Rocky's suspicious death. Here's the current top ten:

1. Scripps

2. Juan Temple

3. It's liberals, right?

4. Bush's economic plan.

5. Definitely not the union.

6. Really bad management.

7. The internets.

8. No, just craigslist.

9. I did.

10. So did you.

Below this roster is an area that allows visitors to make their own nominations, and plenty of them have. As of this writing, there are 412 killer candidates, ranging from "Hippies from Boulder" and "Woody Paige" to "Vegans, freegans, fraggles" and the current last-place bad man, "Todd Bertuzzi."

No, many of the responses don't make sense. But in this case, that's more than appropriate.


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