The Checkmate's in the Mail

As of nine this morning, the

Denver Election Commission

had received 40,039 ballots -- and those are ballots filled out by voters, not returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable (another 30,000 or so), after the DEC had already given itself an A+ on its performance with this single-ballot vote.

Those Denverites who haven't voted have until 7 p.m. tomorrow to fill out their ballots (assuming they made it to their mailboxes, and if not, voters should contact the DEC immediately) and get them to one of twelve locations around the city. DEC spokesman Alton Dillard reports the office has been tallying ballots for the past week, and should be current on the count when the last deliveries come from those satellite locations tomorrow evening. "We should not be down here too long on Tuesday night," he says.

Then again, until the morning of November 7, that election looked smooth, too.

Still, Sequoia machinery willing, by Wednesday Denver will know whether this city is going to a single clerk-and-recorder system or will keep the current system of three Denver Election Commissioners (two elected, one appointed by the mayor). As noted here, my vote's already in. -- Patricia Calhoun

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