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Registration continues today at Invesco Field for season nine of American Idol -- and if the scene at the stadium is anything like the one yesterday, it'll be the pitchiest mob scene ever, dog. If you're thinking of stopping by to share your jaw-slackening rendition of "Send in the Clowns," though, be warned that parking isn't free: The price is $10 pending availability.

To learn more of the particulars, check out the details provided for aspiring contestants on the AI website. Most of the info seems aimed at folks from out of town -- the psychedelic poster exhibit at the Denver Art Museum is rated "Groovy!" -- but it applies to locals as well. Also on view after the jump: a collection of videos from Channel 31, Denver's Fox affiliate. They will either inspire you to hurry down to Invesco or convince you to run in the opposite direction as quickly as you possibly can.

Season 9 Auditions:

Tuesday, July 14th

Denver -- INVESCO Field at Mile High

With a great outdoor life and nightlife, Denver provides fun for everyone. As the capital and the most populated city in Colorado, Denver is home to a diverse group of people. The weather is typically mild and sunny, especially when comparing it to the chillier Rocky Mountain regions nearby. Welcome to The Mile High City!


Denver registration for Season 9 auditions will take place on Sunday, July 12 and Monday, July 13, and auditions will take place on Tuesday, July 14. Both registration and auditions will happen at INVESCO Field.

INVESCO Field at Mile High 1701 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO 80204

(720) 258-3000 www.invescofieldatmilehigh.com

Front Of Line: GATE 10

Parking $10

No overnight parking at any time.

American Idol is not responsible for any parking rates or rules.


Traveling around Denver is quite easy, and it's a pedestrian friendly city too. Feel free to wander along the downtown area by foot, or you can hop on the free shuttle that runs along the 16th Street Mall. Denver has great light rail transportation, which connects the downtown area to the adjacent neighborhoods. Buses and taxis offer convenient modes of transportation as well. If you feel the need to rent a car, you won't find it too hard to navigate the streets of Denver, because the streets are laid out in a grid-like pattern. If you're flying into Denver, you'll probably land in Denver International Airport, the fourth busiest airport in the U.S. After arriving at the airport, you can take a shuttle or car to the downtown area, which should take less than a half an hour. Denver's public transit system, Regional Transportation District (RTD), hosts an airport bus service known as skyRide, which is another way to get from the airport to your destination.


The adventurous soul can partake in any number of activities including hiking, horseback riding, rafting, biking, or hot air balloon and helicopter rides. Museum enthusiasts can catch several cool exhibits this summer. Take a trip back in time with the "Jurassic Gardens" exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Head to the Denver Art Museum to live "The Psychedelic Experience," which features rock and dance event posters from the '60s and '70s. Groovy! Denver has a great dining and nightlife scene with many trendy restaurants and enough options to please even the pickiest of palates.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.