The Denver Post's bulldog is dead

In newspaper parlance, a bulldog is an early edition -- most commonly a version of the Sunday paper sold on Saturdays. Since time immemorial, the Denver Post has published such a product, but no more. Jim Nolan, spokesman for the Denver Newspaper Agency, confirms that the Post's bulldog was discontinued on the weekend of February 7-8.

Why did the Post put the bulldog down? Cost-cutting is a likely reason. Perhaps bean-counters discovered that the extra revenue generated by selling the paper's Sunday edition over a two-day span failed to offset additional expenses for printing, distribution and so on. But the move could also be another indication that the Post is preparing for life after the Rocky Mountain News, which was put up for sale by its owner, E.W. Scripps, in December. The bulldog has served as an alternative to the Saturday Rocky, currently the tabloid's signature offering. If the Rocky goes away, however -- and Scripps execs recently announced that its fate will be determined by March 31 -- the Post will need to start putting out its own Saturday paper again, for the first time since a joint-operating agreement went into effect in 2001. As such, managers will likely need the resources previously devoted to the bulldog for its seventh issue of the week.

Sorry, boy.

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