The Denver Water freebie train rolls on

Denver Water's "Use Only What You Need" campaign is certainly unusual -- or did you miss our blog about DW's toilet mascot terrorizing children at City Park a few weeks back? But at least the organization continues to offer weird freebies to folks willing to publicize their message. Some time back, I received a "Use Only What You Need" tote bag, which makes me the envy of the customers at my local Sunflower Market -- and yesterday, I unwrapped a new T-shirt featuring the bizarre, water-filled piggy-bank logo seen here. (I'm rocking mine today.) There was also an alternative model adorned with a camel advising people to "Get Your Hump On" -- something that costs a pretty penny on East Colfax, from what I understand.

No T-shirts are available right now on the "Use Only What You Need" website, but you can get a piggy-bank flying disc simply by signing up. Don't know if ordering one will make you more conscious of turning off the tap instead of letting the water gush while you're brushing your teeth. But at least you'll receive a little payback for that bill they insist you pay every month....

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