The Deuce declares war on neckwear

Since their debut, Channel 2's new-look newscasts, presented under the banner of "The Deuce," have tried to woo a younger demographic in a number of fairly goofy ways -- including clumsy wardrobe tweaks. During my occasional viewings of the outlet's morning and evening news programs, for instance, I have yet to see any in-studio talent wearing a necktie. That was certainly the case this morning, with Daybreak on the Deuce anchor Tom Green and weather forecaster Jason Boyer going the open-collar route. However, both wore dress shirts and jackets -- the uniform of stuffy businessmen trying (and generally failing) to act more casual than they really are.

If the men of the Deuce really want to young themselves up, they need to go all out. How about a backwards baseball cap, a Rob Drydek-style skater T-shirt and pants worn at half-mast in order to let ninety percent of your boxers show? You can call the style Deuce Big-and-Low. Better that than the silly refusal to tie one on...

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