The Devil's in the Details

The world doesn't get more real than this: While last Wednesday's premiere of The Real World: Denver featured, among other things, same-sex kissing in a LoDo hot tub, getting face time with Larry King a few channels away was Focus on the Family's James Dobson, offering his first public take on the Ted Haggard scandal. And other things, of course, but the real reason he was there was to spin the story of Colorado's own the massage-and-meth-seeking evangelical.

And for once, you couldn't blame Dobson for feeling that the religious right is sometimes demonized by the mainstream media. Because the next day's Rocky Mountain News reported that Dobson had pronounced that people who don't practice what they preach should undergo an "exorcism" — when, in fact, he'd talked about how people get "exercised when something like this happens, and for good reason."

Crunch. -- Patricia Calhoun


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