The Fine Gentleman's Club is having Too Much Fun

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"The traditional model for entertainment has been broken," says Dan Landes, just as last call at City, O' City is announced. "All of these comics are picking away at making a new path for themselves. I think this younger generation has a lot more options than the one that came before them. There's been a lot of heavy lifting by those older comics. And both have a rawness to them that is very Denver. Since there haven't been traditional avenues out of Denver to the coasts, you really have to hone your craft here."

As the last sips of beer are swallowed and DeStefano plays his final song on the stereo, the comics make plans to keep the night rolling at someone's house. The show hasn't really ended — just as it never really officially began. The members of the Fine Gentleman's Club are constantly spending time with one another, consuming bushels of marijuana and bouncing ideas off each other as though performing for an invisible crowd.

"These guys are at pallbearer status with me," says Tallent. "I would do anything for them. I look forward to watching them fall in love, toast at their weddings, and fucking raise families. Comedy is great, and it brings us together to work toward a common goal of survival — but at the same time, if you get to work with your best friends, that's it, man."

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Josiah Hesse