The Jay Cutler silent treatment: More than a month and counting?

We all know that Broncos QB Jay Cutler isn't talking to new coach Josh McDaniels, who pissed off JC by listening to trade talks involving former New England Patriots signal caller Matt Cassel, now a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. But how much time has passed since the pair actually spoke directly to each other, as opposed to going through intermediaries? It's an indication of how long it's been that no one outside of their immediate families seems to know for certain.

In a January 25 column by the Denver Post's Woody Paige, McDaniels said he'd conversed with Cutler over the telephone. But since then, it's tough to find confirmation of another chat. For instance, a March 2 ESPN piece quotes Cutler as saying he'd been in contact with the Broncos organization the previous day -- but it's doubtful that McDaniels was the guy on the other end of the line. "They want me to come in and talk to 'em, but I'm not doing it right now," Cutler told the network. "I'm going to lay low." The Post's Mike Klis paraphrased this last line in his own March 2 offering, in which he wrote that "McDaniels and Cutler are to meet no later than March 16, when Broncos veterans are to begin their offseason conditioning program."

In the meantime, Cutler is in Nashville, where, if reports are accurate, phones continue to work and airplanes from all over the U.S.A. land on a regular basis. Yesterday, KOA's Dave Logan said that if he were in McDaniels's shoes, he'd fly to Tennessee and end the stalemate, but that seems highly unlikely, given the maturity these two have displayed to date. As a result, they'll probably remain incommunicado until next week at the earliest, allowing ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg to keep fantasizing about Cutler winding up with the New York Jets, as he's done several times in recent days, including this morning.

Christ, I hope Cutler wasn't listening to that...

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