The Lab at Belmar still on the lookout for missing art cards

As Michael Paglia reported in a blog published earlier today, all but one member of the Lab at Belmar's staff has been laid off in the wake of head Lab man Adam Lerner's appointment as new chief at MCA Denver. Nevertheless, the Lab faithful continue trying to fix a mess that cropped up in late January. At that time, folks attending an event walked away with numerous cards created by artist Mark Brandl, thinking they were giveaways -- which they weren't. Within ten days or so, the Labsters had gotten their hands on approximately eighteen of the cards, but thirteen remained missing. And Jillian Allison, a development assistant at the Lab, reports than more progress has been made over the course of the past month. "We have had nineteen pieces returned (five never left) and seven are still missing," Allison notes via e-mail. She adds that "we have spent hours watching security footage and combing through hundres of photos from that night."

If you've got one of the unlucky seven, you can still phone the Lab at 303-934-1777 and arrange their return. But hurry, or else there may not be anyone around to answer the phone.

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