The latest thank-you for Rocky Mountain News employees: a free massage

All the Rocky Mountain News had to do was spend a couple of months teetering on the edge of oblivion to find out how many people in the community care about it. On the day after last Thursday's well-attended candlelight "migil," an anonymous benefactor dished up a midday feed to newsroom staffers -- an act of kindness at the heart of the January 30 blog "Today at the Rocky Mountain News, There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch." Then, yesterday afternoon, staffers were informed that a local business, Tranquility Chiropractic & Wellness, was offering all Rocky paycheck collectors a number of gratis services, including a half-hour massage, by way of thanks for serving Denver since 1859. The only rub -- other than the obvious one? The deal's only good through February, by which time most folks expect the Rocky's fate to be determined one way or another.

Look for the memo after the jump.

From: Roberts, Randall

Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 1:29 PM

To: RMN Editorial Group

Subject: kind offer from a local business

Tranquility Chiropractic & Wellness would like to reach out and offer a helping hand to the Rocky Mountain News by offering FREE services to all employees.

The Rocky Mountain News has been a staple in bringing the Denver community together for 150 years. In an effort to say Thank you, we would like to give back to the hard working staff at RMN by offering our wellness services, free of charge, through the end of February. These services will include one free Chiropractic treatment and one free half hour massage for all employees. These services do not have to be rendered during the same office visit; however they must be used by the end of February 2009.

We believe that in today's times, keeping the community in a healthy mental and physical state of well being will foster community growth and togetherness.

Please call us to schedule your free appointment!

Tranquility Chiropractic & Wellness 425 S. Cherry St. Suite 307 Denver, CO 80246

We look forward to seeing you in 2009!

Thanks, Dr. Darcy Koehn

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