The life and tragic death of cannabis advocate Jenny Kush

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Even without the Jenny Kush Kush, a Fundrazr.com campaign that Reach's wife set up for Kush's children had raised $12,348 as of September 13.

Kush's children are with their grandmother. Lori Monson says they've been going through a rough patch since the accident, but all four have gone back to school and are trying to return to as much of a normal life as possible.

Jenny was buried near where she grew up in Bottineaux, North Dakota, in the Turtle Mountains. When her parents went back to the gravesite the day after the funeral, a moose was chewing up the flowers left on Kush's grave. Kush's mother chuckles as she recalls the sight: "Jenny would have really loved that."

ButDePinto says that Kush's funeral in North Dakota was sad and depressing, like most funerals for people killed way too young. He'd like to have her remembered in a brighter light. And so he wants to have a big sendoff for SexPot Radio, probably on Tuesday, September 24, when anyone who wants to say something about Jenny Kush for posterity will be given a few minutes of airtime. More important, he plans to hold a candlelight vigil at the Capitol on September 30, with Kush's parents and children in attendance. But rather than make this memorial a somber event, he hopes it will have a joyous, boisterous vibe that truly captures Jenny Kush.

"I want her parents and family to witness what true love — " DePinto says, pausing to choose the right words — "what unconditional love looks like."

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