The Missing Tools

Offense Report No: 07-42941 Date: 1-20-07 Type of Offense: Lost or stolen Location of Offense: South Denver Type of Premises: House Weapon/Tool Used: Keys

Victim writes: I feel that we know who stole our tools, and one of the [Steve] was standing there while I was making the report to the officer. The back door was open, but had not been knocked in. The people who stole our stuff had a house key. There are two people who are supposed to have a key to the house. One of them is my brother and the other is Stevie, our first person of interest. The third person whom I am also certain is involved is [Patrick].

This is an investment property and they were doing some work for us. We had to let Patrick go in November. He only did a few odds and ends for us and we were beginning to run out of funds for the year. We immediately noticed a finishing nailer had disappeared. We did not turn it in because we suspected fowl play [sic]. We had not heard from Patrick until Thursday the 18th of January. He called and said that he wanted to get into the house to gather up a few of his tools that he had left behind. The next night all of our stuff went missing.

Stevie has been setting this up for two weeks. He told me last week that he could hear people 'whispering in the alley' while he was running the drum sander. So he did us a 'big favor' and moved all of the tools from the garage into an area near the back door. It was all of those tools and some others that had been placed neatly in a Dewalt carrying case in a bathroom that were taken. Stevie was so nervous on Saturday while the officer was there that he would not let me talk to him alone. He followed us around and smoked at least five cigarettes during the report. After the officer left, he was trying to close the bathroom window and was shaking so hard he slipped and put his hand through the glass.

Today, I received two phone calls from Stevie. The first of which, he was asking how we were going to find work for him this week so he could get some money, and then proceeded to question me about our insurance and how much this all was going to cost us. He then called again, and said that Patrick called him and said to tell me that he went directly to the mountains after he picked up his tools on Thursday. We never mentioned Patrick as someone we suspected. We did not mention any names at all, so I am wondering why he felt the need to come up with an alibi.

There are just too many coincidences. There was no forced entry or any other way these people could've come in but by key. One other thing worth mentioning is that Stevie put a hole in the air compressor hose a couple weeks ago. And [the burglars] took the compressor, but not the air hose? And also if they would have gone through the back yard there would have been fresh foot prints and weak marks from the pressure washer. I hope this helps.--Jared Jacang Maher

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