The Mystery of Denver

As regular viewers of


know, Rick "Don't Call Me Ricky" Schroeder (pictured) was recently added to the show's cast as Mike Doyle, a Counter Terrorism Unit operative who shares plenty of dark, violent qualities with protagonist Jack Bauer -- so many, in fact, that he comes across as either a possible spinoff character or an insurance policy for producers should star Kiefer Sutherland ever grow tired of torturing people for America's entertainment. For Coloradoans, however, his appearances have provided a bonus. On numerous occasions (including the March 26 episode), dialogue has referred to Boyle's participation in some sort of tragic unpleasantries in Denver. These teases, which are no doubt building toward a major revelation later in the season, have turned mentions of the Mile High City into a harbinger of dread, like allusions to Chinatown in a certain Jack Nicholson flick.

Of course, Schroeder has a history in this state, living for a time on a sprawling Western Slope property, and occasionally venturing into Grand Junction, the largest community in the vicinity of his spread. He's since moved on, but my mother, who resided in G.J. until recently, still recalls the experience of sitting a row in front of Schroeder at a local movie theater several years back. She says he was so loud and obnoxious that she wanted to knock the silver spoon out of his mouth.

Maybe that incident in Denver started with him being shushed by an usher... -- Michael Roberts


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