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The official explanation of KCUV's demise

KCUV fans miss their favorite station.

Our September 2 blog "The End of KCUV" has attracted loads of comments from listeners lamenting the decision to change the station's format from eclectic rock to a simulcast of Jack-FM earlier this week. Now Bob Swanson, a musician well-known for his work with the Rock Advocates, whose comments formed the crux of the earlier item, shares the response he received from the station itself -- specifically Doug Clifton, a Denver radio veteran (read a 1995 piece about his work at the long-defunct outlet known as the Peak here) who served as KCUV's program director. Click "More" to read the note. -- Michael Roberts

It has been a difficult decision, but after five years, KCUV ceased to exist at midnight Sunday night. The lack of ratings which led to a lack of revenue left NRC Broadcasting no other choice but to simulcast its other radio station, JACK-FM, at 102-3. JACK has drawn a larger audience than KCUV since it signed on, and with additional penetration into the western suburbs, has a better chance to attract even more listeners.

We appreciate your support of KCUV over the years. We know that, although it was a small audience, KCUV listeners were just as passionate about great music and great radio as we were. It’s a sad day for us all!

Doug Clifton

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.