That blur at the far end of the press table is CNN's Dana Bash.

The press at Sarah Palin's Jefferson County Fairgrounds stop

The press tables were arrayed in long rows along one side of the main Jefferson County Fairgrounds building where Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin visited today, and some of them were notably sticky, as if they're typically used for gutting pigs or other livestock-related activities. It was easy to tell which reporters were from Colorado, as opposed to those trailing Palin on a daily basis: The former seemed at least moderately interested in being there, whereas the latter looked like participants in the Bataan death march. When a Littleton Boy Scout troop brought in flags and led those assembled in the Pledge of Allegiance, and when Mary Lynn Wagner, a Republican House of Representatives candidate, sang the National Anthem, most of the reporters stood, but some continued to pound away at their keyboards. Later, one guy behind me spotted a girl holding a sign that read, "Teens 4 Palin." After a beat, he asked, "What about 'Unwed Mothers for Palin'?" and laughed -- proving once again that the press is made up of godless heathens. As if that's a news flash. -- Michael Roberts

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