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The May television ratings period known as "sweeps" is over, and while Channel 9's newscast continues to lead all competition in the marquee 10 p.m. slot (and most others), the margin of victory was smaller than it's been in ages.

Predictably, the final daily update compiled by KMGH-TV/Channel 7 publicity types, which is reproduced below, sports a strong pro-7News slant. But there's no mistaking the bottom line. Channel 9's 10 p.m. broadcast finished the month with less than a 20 share for the first time in recent memory, with channels 4 and 7 in a tight contest for second place. Moreover, Channel 7's numbers are up at 10 p.m. by a mighty healthy 49 percent.

Here are the specifics:

MAY 24, 2006 (28 of 28 days!)

May Sweeps Daily Insider Countdown - FINAL

We ended the sweeps with a FLOURISH! Congratulations for all your hard work this past four weeks.

At 10 PM M-S - the results were:

KUSA 9 rating 18 share KCNC 7 rating 13 share KMGH 7 rating 13 share

At 10 PM M-F – the results were:

KUSA 10 rating 18 share KCNC 7 rating 14 share KMGH 7 rating 13 share

We are averaging a 13 share at 10- the first time since 1997!

Here are bullet points from the May Sweeps:

At 5:00 AM, 7 News is up 90% in share over a year ago. At 5:30 AM, 7 News is up 47% in share over a year ago. At 6 AM, 7 News is up 23% in share over a year ago. The View is up 37% in share over a year ago. 7 News at 11 AM is up 49% over a year ago. Oprah is down 10% from her performance one year ago. 7 News Now at 4 PM is flat from February at a 3/7. 7 News at 5 was down 24% in share from a year ago. ABC World News with Charles Gibson is up 10% in share. Jeopardy is up 65% in share over a year ago. Wheel of Fortune is up 31% in share from one year ago. Prime-time Monday –Sunday is up 24% from one year ago. 9:45 ABC news lead-in quarter hour is up 11% from a year ago. 10 PM News M-F is up 48% from one year ago. 10 PM News M-S is up 27% from one year ago. ABC Nightline is up 103% from a year ago Jimmy Kimmel is up 51% from a year ago 7 News Weekend Morning News is up 15% from a year ago. 7 News 5 PM Weekend News is up 72% from a year ago.

Sign-on/Sign-off (Actually NSI 6 AM – 2 AM) KMGM UP 12% KCNC Flat KUSA Down 4% KWGN Down 3% KDVR Up 5% KTVD Down 13%

Congratulations, Everyone!

Is Channel 9's seemingly unbreakable grip on news supremacy in the Denver market finally showing signs of slipping after three decades? Too soon to tell. After all, the station has experienced occasional downturns in the past that were subsequently shown to be mere anomalies. Whatever the case, the Nielsens next November will be watched very closely... -- Michael Roberts

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