The return of the Tom Martino-mistakes-a-former-Westword-writer-for-a-current-one video

In the Monday blog "Tom Martino Misidentifies Writer in Westword 'Exposé,'" we told you about a video the consumer advocate had made about his attempt to ambush writer Jared Jacang Maher, whose article about the connections between Martino and a multi-level marketing company he'd promoted on Martino TV and his KHOW radio show had apparently troubled the self-proclaimed Troubleshooter. Martino spent much of the clip declaring that he was only interested in the truth and the facts -- but as he fulminated, he repeatedly misidentified a photo of former Westword staffer-turned-stand-up comic Adam Cayton-Holland as Maher. The video has since been removed from the Martino TV blog page where it had previously resided, although a shorter video sans the Cayton-Holland photos remains. In the latter, Martino makes negative remarks about what he calls "one-sided stories." To avoid that situation in this case, we again present the full-length video. After all, we certainly want Martino to have his say.

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