For George Carlin, "B.S." was "bullshit."

The Rocky Mountain News Almost Lets George Carlin Swear

The Rocky Mountain News' profanity policy isn't exactly a paragon of consistency. In quoting a pithy comment made by Colorado Republican Party leader Dick Wadhams, the paper spelled "ass" as "a--". And yet a site search turned up asses aplenty. The word, sans hyphens, appears in a transcript of M.E. Sprengelmeyer's fine interview with longtime activist Tom Hayden, Mike Littwin's enjoyably rambling piece about "America's Crooked Road" and a Kevin Flynn report on vanity license plates -- and that's just since late July. However, I thought the paper was ready to head into uncharted territory when I saw a page two reference to a review of It's Bad For Ya, a recording by the late George Carlin. "Hear a sample of "Just Enough B.S.," the item advised.

Really? Without acronyms?

Intrigued, I went online and dialed up the piece, penned by Mark Brown -- and sure enough, a link at the left said, "Click here to hear Just Enough B.S. by George Carlin."

So I did -- and was quickly disappointed. The clip is a portion of the bit, not the entire thing, and it lacks a single naughty term.

Talk about a tease. That really was bullshit. -- Michael Roberts

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