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The Susan Greene-Peter Boyles vagina dialogue

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Shortly after this morning's blog "Peter Boyles, Peter Boils or Boil Peters?" went live, Denver Post columnist Susan Greene joined the aforementioned Boyles on his KHOW radio show to debate the subject of the item: Boyles' reference to Congresswoman Diana DeGette as "Vagina DeGette" and "Vagina DeJet" during programs last week. The result was chaos and hilarity, most of it unintended. Click "Continue" to enjoy some highlights of the exchange.

[Boyles accused Greene of hanging up on him during an interview last Friday as soon as she found out he was recording the conversation for airing; he played several highlights during his program today.]

Peter Boyles: You slammed the phone down!

Susan Greene: That's not my recollection...

PB: That's what happened...

SG: You don't think you're being a bully right now?

PB: No, I'm being an honest person about someone who doesn't want to tell the truth about what happened... Don't lie... Come on, play the game straight...

SG: What fun have you had at my expense this morning?

PB: I said I like you... I swear to you... When we ended up on Friday, the third conversation, I said to you, "You ought to be a talk-show host."

[Boyles defended using the term about DeGette based on its alleged humorousness before debating whether or not "Diana" rhymes with "vagina".]

PB: I told you, I think it's funny. I think it's a play on words... It's like da-dah, da-dah."

SG: That's alliteration, dude. It's not rhyming.

[Boyles read several e-mails on the air, including one that attacks Greene because she'd previously written in a negative way about former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.]

PB: [Reading:] "Perhaps if you called yourself 'Penis Boyles' on the air, the politcally correct police would leave you alone...'"

SG: Please stop. It's like water torture.

[Greene commented on e-mails in which writers attacked Boyles for his DeGette moniker.]

SG: Maybe they feel you're better than that.

PB: I'm not better than that... I'm not a journalist. My parents were married.

[Boyles noted that he recently defended a young woman who was threatened with expulsion from an area high school for having faux weapons from a drill team in her vehicle -- his point being that he doesn't hate women.]

SG: That's preposterous, Peter. That's so lame!

PB: What you did was, you got War and Peace, read two pages and wrote a book report...

[Boyles complained about Mayor John Hickenlooper refusing to guest on his show.]

SG: That's a red herring, and that's how you bully people -- and that's why people won't come on your show... People don't go on your show because you play dirty... I can't believe I'm defending Hickenlooper. It grosses me out!

[The subject of an apology came up. Boyles rejected it.]

PB: The people who don't like your Sarah Palin columns: You're not going to apologize to them, are you?

SG: Of course not.

PB: Why not?

SG: Because I didn't call her a vagina.

[Following attempts to equate Boyles' use of the word "vagina" to former University of Colorado-Boulder president Betsy Hoffman's claim in a deposition several years ago that "cunt" might be used as a term of endearment, Greene tired of the back-and-forth, not to mention Boyles' exaggeratedly formal way of addressing her.]

SG: Would you stop calling me "ma'am"?

PB: What would you like me to call you?

SG: Susan.

PB: Would you like me to call you Vagina Greene? How about C-Word Greene?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.