The ten best (and also worst) homemade bongs

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7. Acid Waste Ah, the salvage job. Notice the blown-glass tube of this bong that has been recycled using a lot of PVC and some ring clamps. Although it looks multi-chamber, that's actually just one long reservoir of water at the bottom. Best of all, if you hide this near the hot water heater pipes of your house, people won't notice it and laugh at you. 6. Super Smoker Melting toy plastic aside, I'd be more concerned that if you pump the handle it would cause the bowl to whale spout with water. Party foul, dude. 5. Mother of the Year No telling whether the person who made this is dealing with inner-child issues or simply has a nipple fetish. 4. Ice Chamber This seems like a good idea, and it earns an A+ for creativity. But what these folks didn't realize is that after the first hit the entire tube turns into stinky, frozen bongwater.

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