Bill Ritter.

The week ahead: immigration and political emigration

Politicos across Colorado are brushing up their resumes and trading rumors about who's going to Washington to join the Barack Obama administration -- and some are looking either further afield. This morning, Governor Bill Ritter will announce an economic-development mission to Japan and China that will take forty reps from the state's new energy economy, as well as other industries, to Asia November 15-25. One of the mission's goals will be to snag a direct Denver-to-Tokyo flight -- to replace those direct flights to England and Germany that DIA lost this year?

But while the eco-devo types fly off, plenty of people are staying grounded here at home. The DaVinci Institute's Colorado Inventor Showcase will fill the Cable Center at the University of Denver with bright ideas at 5:30 p.m. today; find more info on the DaVinci website. At DU tomorrow and Wednesday, the Center for Nonprofit Success will convene a fundraising summit for those nonprofits that can't wait for the state government to get the economy going; check out details here. Get a look at the state of our tourism/convention industry when the Denver Convention & Visitors Bureau hosts its annual meeting Thursday, November 13; on Friday, November 14, Colorado Business for the Arts will release its economic activity study for metro Denver culture.

And speaking of culture: the thirtieth Denver International Film Festival kicks off November 13, followed by Night at the Museums on November 14, which marks the start of Denver ArtsWeek.

Tying up some political loose ends, on Wednesday, November 12, state Senator Ken Gordon will hold the first meeting of the governor's task force charged with looking at this state's elections. On November 12 up in Boulder (that "liberal" stronghold that took such a beating from Bob Schaffer), University of Colorado professor Patty Limerick will extend a literary olive branch with Words to Stir the Soul, when a great lineup of speakers -- Jose Mercado, Helen Thorpe, Manuel Ramos -- gather in Old Main to read from an eclectic array of literature involving immigration; for details, learn more at www.centerwest.org.The Colorado Progressive Majority will celebrate the results of this year's election at 5:30 p.m. November 12 at 8 Rivers, 1550 Blake Street. That's also the site of a November 15 party to benefit the 2009 Colorado Marijuana Reform Seminar & Activist Boot Camp.

And finally, on November 12, we'll finally get the answer to who's behind those ads around town touting a vigorous, ninety-year-old Will. Our guess: Goodwill, whose good works are needed now more than ever. -- Patricia Calhoun

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