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The week ahead: vice and potential vice presidents

Early voting starts today -- too late to stop the continued barrage of campaign visits to Colorado. This week's frequent fliers: Sarah Palin, barnstorming the state today, and Joe Biden, coming tomorrow. But the Colorado ballot includes more, much more, than just national offices, as the non-stop barrage of TV ads makes clear. At 5:45 p.m. today, for example, the Denver chapter of the League of Women Voters hosts a discussion of #3A, the Denver Public Schools bond issue at Montview Presbysterian Church; for details, click here

More local hot topics -- wildlife, oil-and-gas regulations, FasTracks -- will be the focus of assorted public meetings all week. And then this weekend,on Saturday, October 25, a homegrown conference on human trafficking will have you thinking local about a global issue. More information is available here. -- Patricia Calhoun


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