The Westword.com blog shortcut, April 1 edition

No foolin'.

Today in Backbeat Online:Former Sleeper Horse/Blackout Pact frontman has new band. • Flier of the Week: Night of the Living Shred at Tooey's. • Record Store Day preview: Bob Dylan gets obscure on vinyl. • Getting started with local music, part one. • Singer charleyBRAND leaks "emo(tional)" track. • Sold out Blue October/Ours show postponed. • Q&A with Tom Campesinos! of Los Campesinos!

Today in Cafe Society:These April Fool's Day events are no joke. • Roll call for March. • Arugula's shattering encounter with a BMW. • Learn where the meat comes from. • What's in a name? Steak and bar, but not steak hut. • WTF?!!? A new menu at Chipotle.

Today in The Latest Word:Our letter to Jay Cutler now that the Broncos are planning to trade him. • KHOW's Craig Silverman responds -- sort of -- to report about him assisting CU in Ward Churchill trial. • Denver ranks among U.S.'s least wasteful cities. • Why Germans care so much about Columbine. • Ardor in the court: Ted Haggard v. Judge Toler. Is there a divorce lawyer in the house?

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