The Westword.com blog shortcut, April 16 edition

Who needs dinner when there's dessert?

Today in Cafe Society:Pink Hooter cupcake for a cause. • Beer today, gone tomorrow. • Action at the Icehouse. • Great Divide introduces three new beers -- and a patio.

Today in Backbeat Online:No 1 Left Standing in talks with a major label?Beyond Playlist: Josh Reichmann Oracle Band -- Crazy Power. • Record Store Day preview: Uncontrollable Serge. • Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist -- 04.15.09. • Q&A with Brian Villers of Immortal Dominion. • Flier of the Week: Hello Kavita at the hi-dive.

Today in The Latest Word:Channel 9 Tea Party report not exactly a biased, anti-protester screed. • Meet "fame whore" Julia Allison, who recently became acquainted with Jay Cutler's thighs. • Mayor Hickenlooper gets advice from a bunch of punks. • INDenver Times' Kevin Preblud says project likely to go forward even if subscriber goal not met. • Live blog: The Angie Zapata trial, April 16. It's almost like being there.

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