The Westword.com blog shortcut, April 17 edition

Slush, little baby, don't you cry.

Today in Backbeat Online:Record Store Day preview: The MC5 will be kicking out the jams tomorrow. • Beyond Playlist: Dish -- Ma Raison de Vivre Ton Amour. • Brandi Carlile drops in on Gregory Alan Isakov at the Meadowlark. • Tim Pourbaix is Brooklyn bound. • Freaky Friday: Sir Ivan -- "For What It's Worth."Beyond Playlist: Doves and more. • 3OH!3's debut single, "Don't Trust Me," goes platinum. • Tonight's Pennywise & Pepper show postponed.

Today in Cafe Society:Wake-Up Call: A wine time at the DAM tonight. • Aurora welcomes the Salad Bowl. • Candy Girls: Bologna Bubble Gum. • Royal Crest is now delivering Udi's granola.

Today in The Latest Word:Live blog: The Angie Zapata Trial, April 17. • Many 9News commenters give DTV conversion a bad reception. • DenverSportsRadio.com prepares to launch ambitious online station. • Forgiving my Columbine High School friend, Dylan Klebold. • "Related stories" at DenverPost.com not always so related -- other than to monkey vasectomies. Call it the unkindest cut.

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