That's using your noodle.
That's using your noodle.

The blog shortcut, April 2 edition

Chopstick to it.

Today in Cafe Society:IACP Conference Report: Drunk and in possession of press credentials. • IACP Conference Report: Food writers are good in bed. • Veggie Girl: US Thai Cafe. • Mini Bar set to open in April. • Green Energy: Jason Sheehan is right!Opening today: Cafe Options. • Who's holding down the Fort?

Today in Backbeat Online: • Record Store Day preview: Akron/Family matters. • Beyond Playlist: Chairlift -- Does You Inspire You. • Getting started with local music, part two.

Today in The Latest Word:Jay Cutler's latest statement about a trade: What... the... hell?Has the Boulder Weekly changed its policy about sex ads?Relive our April Fool's Day snowstorm in 76 seconds. • Dr. Singularity unveils the idiot's guide to living forever. • Cathey McClain Finlon named Denver Art Museum president, director Lewis Sharp to retire in two years. • Ward Churchill wins -- a dollar. Don't spend it all in one place.


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