The blog shortcut, April 23 edition
Photo by Jonathan Shoup

The blog shortcut, April 23 edition

It's the number 23. Think Jim Carrey is freaked out?

Today in Cafe Society:Delicious Designs: Eat this restaurant, part two. • Katie Mullen's will be hot tonight. • Qdoba pulls the pepper on its chile verde. • Do good when Dos Casas returns to Lola. • Benny's gets ready to open its drink deck. • Park Burger still on the back burner. • Veggie Girl: Lala's Wine Bar + Pizzeria. • The Rib House is open for business in Boulder. • A life of convenience.

Today in Backbeat Online:Free stuff welcomes you to the world of max3. • 2009 Westword Music Showcase: Who are the acts we missed this year? Let us know. • 2009 Westword Music Showcase: What's your dream line-up?Whoa, Mama! Bayoutopia is finally finished, and it's bad-ass!Flier of the Week: Dormir, Gloam, more at Meadowlark.

Today in The Latest Word:The attempt to shoot Dog the Bounty Hunter: Check out the police call. • Investor Kevin Preblud: Only 3,000 subscribers signed up for InDenver Times. • David Milstead on the staff split at INDenver Times. • Story about Four Corners marker being in wrong place (mostly) wrong. • We've seen the future of Writer Square, and its name is concrete. That's one relationship worth cementing.


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