The Westword.com blog shortcut, April 7 edition

Eat healthy, live healthy.

Today in Cafe Society: • Beer AND donuts at Watson's? Oh, why do you toy with my emotions!Sip and slip into spring at Tamayo. • Coffee Spot: Aviano Coffee. • V.G. Burgers currently homeless as well as meatless. • Primebar poised for a May opening in the former Palomino space. • Vita ditches brunch and moves to lunch.

Today in Backbeat Online:Denver-based Max3 launches artist-friendly digital distro with free beer. • 3 the Hardway tapped for homeless benefit concert. • Record Store Day preview: Vetiver continues a Sub Pop tradition.

Today in The Latest Word:Can abolishing the death penalty help solve cold cases?State senator Morgan Carroll goes against the grain again on in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants bill. • Check out our slideshow of mediocre Broncos quarterbacks through the ages. • The Colorado Rockies v. the Arizona Diamondbacks -- and why everyone needs an Uncle Bobby. • Columbine and the struggle for perspective ten years later. • Another blow to Broncos fans: Jack Elway quits football. If it wasn't for those choppers, we might have guessed that he was adopted.

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