The Westword.com blog shortcut, August 11 edition

All we need is "U."

Today in Cafe Society:The mystery of the missing letters on Bastien's marquee. • Golfin' for good (with good eats). • Civic Center Eats: Forte Farms. • 231 Milwaukee back on the market... again. • Tonight: The Denver Five dish it out at D Bar Desserts. • Emilio's loses the Super Chef sign. • Why I hate green (and vegetarian and organic and other politics-driven) restaurants.

Today in Backbeat Online:Hemi Cuda heading off into the sunset. • Tired of pretending you know how to use your recording gear?Yo! Raps names Starting Five as next to blow. • 3OH!3 releases Live Sessions ep on iTunes. • Free Ableton Live workshop at Beta Friday.

Today in The Latest Word:A Human in Fur-land: What I learned at the Rocky Mountain Fur Convention. • Sometimes the bear eats you. • Headlines with a keen grasp of the obvious. • Urbavore's Dilemma: Breaking Ground is putting down roots in vacant lots. • Tuning in the Denver Dumb Friends League's Kitten Cam. Do it, pussy.

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