Kenny Be loves Wyoming.

The Westword.com Blog Shortcut, August 11 Edition

For today's update, we're going at things full blog.

Demver is headlined by the 56th and final entry in Kenny Be's mammoth Delegating Denver series, which finally gives Wyoming its due. Being at the end of the alphabet sucks. By the way, a slideshow of the entire project can (and should) be viewed here. Also in Demver: A visit to the DNC media tent and a report about SkyNet coming to Denver. Fans of The Terminator are probably freaking out about this last item even as we speak. The Cat's Pajamas pays tribute to thrifting and pancakes, in no particular order, and Cafe Society samples Little Einsteins Fruity Stars cereal. The taste falls short of atomic. And in Backbeat Online, loads o' stuff, some of it quite serious -- like confirmation from the Larimer County coroner's office that the late Tickle Me Pink bassist Johnny Schou died from an accidental overdose. But there's a lighter side, too, thank goodness: word about new acts added to the Monolith Festival, a review of Machine Gun Blues' final show, details of the impending move from Denver of d.biddle frontman Duncan Barlow, a heads-up regarding impressive-band-on-the-rise Young Coyotes, and news about the slated DVD release of U2's Under a Blood Red Sky concert at Red Rocks. Will you follow? -- Michael Roberts

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