The Westword.com blog shortcut, August 13 edition

Set the Waybac Machine for the Carter administration....

Today in Backbeat Online:Denver punk reunion (1978-1988) changes venues. • Otis Taylor's latest record earns praise in Spin. • Q.Burse returns with Lenny Lenn-directed video "The Puzzle."John Common wants you to make him a movie. • Details of Chad Price's new solo album revealed.

Today in Cafe Society:Tonight: Wines from California vines at Opus. • Mysteries of Sheehan's Desk: Day 1. • Behind the Bar: Ann Whitley of the Rio Grande. • Candy Girls: Indulge Gourmet Soft Caramels. • Up Close: Organixx. • Today's three square deals: Indian thali, an encore of cocktails and honoring Julia Child.

Today in The Latest Word:Liberals yell back at Mike Coffman healthcare town hall. • Focus on the Family getting out of the fixing-gays biz. • Man risks death to save... a '95 Nissan?Max Media's Jeff Norman on The Truth, The Poll and Indie 101.5. • Ten audacious Denver lofts I would totally rent if I were a drug dealer. A boy can dream....

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