The Westword.com blog shortcut, August 18 edition

You're it.

Today in Cafe Society:Behind the Bar: Mike Henderson of TAG. • Chapter Two BBQ closes the book. • A sneak peek of Colt & Gray. • A taste of restaurant history before LoDo Bites. • Craft breweries are on a roll. • Mysteries of Sheehan's Desk: Day 5. • Tonight: Take a bite out of LoDo.

Today in Backbeat Online:Van Morrison, Aimee Mann, Paramore shows announced. • Last Night: The Dead Weather at the Ogden Theatre. • Demonica finishes new album. • Breathe Carolina: Kid tested, mom approved. • George Crumb music festival comes to CU Boulder. • Jen Korte's new album is, like, um ... wow! Just freaking wow!The Out East Music Feast promises to live up to its name.

Today in The Latest Word:Zach Lahn: The making of a right-wing folk hero. • Countdown to next Brandon Marshall "injury" begins. • Urbavore's Dilemma: Fort owner Holly Arnold Kinney uses her garden to dig into her past. • Battle of the titans: Douglas Bruce vs. Costco. • Jared Polis does beer bong with Stephen Colbert. Chug it! Chug it! Chug it!

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