The Westword.com blog shortcut, August 19 edition

Improve your Batting average.

Today in Backbeat Online:Q&A with Natasha Kahn of Bat For Lashes. • Q&A with Bob Crawford of the Avett Brothers. • Q&A with Dalton Rasmussen, co-curator of the Rocky Mountain Low comp. • Flier of the Week: Church of the Snake at Rhinoceropolis. • Get a sneak peek of Monolith's local line-up next Friday at noon in Skyline Park. • What do you know -- there's still life in the old Weezer after all. • Wicked Garden taps into table keg service.

Today in Cafe Society:Appearing together tonight: Tequila, wine, Mexican food and the mayor. • Troy Guard TAGged as Colorado's Taste of the NFL chef. • Chipotle gets a special delivery today. • Chef and Tell: Jamey Fader of Lola and Big Red F. • Mysteries of Sheehan's Desk: Day 6. • Our Weekly Bread: Las Tortas. • Food porn from Ideas in Food.

Today in The Latest Word:Commenters mostly laugh off Jared Polis' beer-bonging. • Carmelo Anthony and business manager not clowning around. • Medical marijuana isn't just for big cities anymore. • Jay Marvin's kindest cut. • Tasteless head games at A Taste of Colorado. As for us, we taste like chicken.

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