An escape hatch? Is this an episode of Lost?

The Westword.com blog shortcut, August 20 edition

Bloggin' -- on a Wednesday afternoon.

Demver reveals the existence of a secret escape tunnel at the detention facility protestors have dubbed "Gitmo on the Platte." Egad! Anarchists on the loose! Also on tap: ten suggested songs to play as Barack Obama takes center stage for his acceptance speech. Just guessing, but I don't think Jay-Z's "99 Problems" is gonna make the grade, if only because it'll make people wonder who the line "99 problems/But a bitch ain't one" refers to...

Over at Cafe Society, stop to appreciate Oblio's Pizzeria. At The Cat's Pajamas, peruse a Silver Jeans and Teen Vogue slideshow. And in Backbeat Online, look over our DNC event cheat sheet, a roster filled with whats, whens, wheres and hows. The whys we'll leave up to you. -- Michael Roberts

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