The blog shortcut, August 27 edition

It's not faux. It's Pho.

Today in Cafe Society:Up Close: Pho 95. • What's Cooking? Getting corny in the kitchen with Pete Marczyk. • Spike It: Top six things that could be improved by caffeine. • Guess where I'm eating?Candy Girls: Twilight Sweethearts, Forbidden Fruits.

Today in Backbeat Online:Black Pegasus shares his funny tour stories. • Frank E pens songs for Madonna. • Relive prom with the Inactivists. • When Rock 'n' Roll meets Hollywood: Ten Awful Decisions. • Q&A with Travis Egedy of Pictureplane.

Today in The Latest Word:Pike National Forest: Can't see the trees for the weed. • Odd couples show off their fun bags for Denver Mag. • Peter Boyles wants to put up birther billboard. • Jay Cutler's new, ESPN-approved nickname: Mr. Grumpy Pants. • Michelle Malkin tells Sean Hannity Democratic HQ window-smashing is a "teachable moment." I hope we've all learned something.

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