The Diamond Boiz.
The Diamond Boiz.

The blog shortcut, August 4 edition

Diamonds in the rough?

Today in Backbeat Online:Update: Diamond Boiz crew ready to bust through. • Over the weekend: Phish at Red Rocks, 8/02/09. • Flobots check in from the Blasting Room to hype the Bowling Ball. • Dialed In: This week's local music radio playlists. • A first look at the Heyday's new video. • Introducing the Dancin' In the Streets music festival. • 3OH!3 nominated for VMA for Best New Artist.

Today in Cafe Society:Beers and Brewhahas: Italian Americans vs. Columbus Day protestors. • House at home on Tennyson's restaurant row. • Shochu needs no excuses. • Tonight: Troy Guard's TAG hosts a dinner for Love Hope Strength. • Chile today, hot tomorrow. • Today's taco the town: Two free tacos at Jack in the Box.

Today in The Latest Word:Clownin' around with Brandon Marshall. • Max Media keeps greasing The Pole. • Colorado's marijuana growing pains continue. • "Gunny" Bob Newman leaves KOA for mysterious new assignment. • Jay Marvin readies for epic surgical procedure. • Urbavore's Dilemma: Blue and Yellow Logic hopes to mix up a new form of green. Color us ijmpressed.


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