The blog shortcut, August 6 edition

The blog shortcut, August 6 edition

Would you like to sniff the cork?

Today in Cafe Society:Grapes and grilling tonight at Strings. • Guess where I'm drinking?Martini Ranch and Hiccups III dry up. • And the new, New York Times restaurant critic is...Tonight's shochu dinner at Elway's Cherry Creek could be the blowout food orgy of the year.

Today in Backbeat Online:The Denver Boot: Hot IQs final show at Larimer Lounge. • NPR's All Songs Considered weighs in on the best music of 2009. • Mile Hi-Fidelity interviews from the archives: A Shoreline Dream. • Tip Sheet: Arliss Nancy.

Today in The Latest Word:Focus on the Family: Gay people still can be fixed. • Frontier Airlines animals: endangered species?Denver hospitals: Like an episode of Nurse Jackie. • Denverites ready to celebrate Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court confirmation. • Jefferson County wants to give you a jackass. It's better to own one than be one.


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