Sexy, sexy Ben Kronberg.

The Blog Shortcut, August 8 Edition

Gather these blogs while ye may.

The Cat's Pajamas sends valentines to a model named Junnean and climbs into the dressing room, so to speak, with comic master Ben Kronberg, seen here. Hands off, ladies -- he's ours! Demver offers advice about how to score a seat to Barack Obama's Invesco acceptance speech, alerts the populace to an impending visit by Ralph Nader and shows off a Newspeak! cover featuring Obamaham Lincoln. Honest. Just in time for 8-08-08, Backbeat Online celebrates eight great moments of the 808 -- Roland's legendary TR-808 Drum Machine, that is. And in Cafe Society, the Candy Girls sample Kuulture Frozen Yogurt and Patricia Calhoun dares you to eat unfried Rocky Mountain oysters. Talk about a raw deal. -- Michael Roberts


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