The Westword.com blog shortcut, December 10 edition

It's beginning to feel a lot like blog roundup time.

Today in Backbeat Online:Twelve things every Wu-Tang Clan fan should own. • Mile High Makeout: Dreaming of me. • An extremely entertaining Q&A with Ryan Hendrix of Colourmusic. • Rap Up: Whygee and Sunken State unite for a free EP. • Born in the Flood will preview its new album on Friday at the Bluebird Theater.

Today in Cafe Society:Grilling in a winter wonderland. • Robert Thompson is headed back to Denver. • Stranahan's is named best hooch. • CANstructive learning. • Jesse Morreale heads back to the future with Sketch. • A guilty verdict in the Ha Noi Pho case. • It takes balls to the the World Testicle Cooking champion.

Today in The Latest Word:Jay Marvin's anti-Mark Udall rant makes the rounds. • "Laugh Line" in the Rocky Mountain News not so funny under the circumstances. • MediaNews Group's Dean Singleton about outsourcing to India. • E.W. Scripps CEO Rich Boehne on his company's commitment to newspapers. • What are the rules about breaking up the Denver Newspaper Agency? Read them here... And if you understand them, explain them to us. -- Michael Roberts

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