The blog shortcut, December 15 edition

Rollin', rollin', rollin'. Keep them bloggies rollin'...

Today in Cafe Society:It's getting harder to find deep-fried Twinkies at Wingin' It. • A Milking It review of Lucky Charms with the New Hourglass Marshmallow Charm. • How we get from here to there on Urbanspoon. • Another spoonful of Urbanspoon on iPhone. • Hung Kee no more?E-Z Mop is back on the market.

Today in Backbeat Online:Mile High Makeout witnesses Born in the Flood's holiday extravaganza. • Angie Stevens to work with producer Malcom Burns. • Got an extra $75K? Rock & Roll Grill is up for sale. • Another winner in Fader's vinyl single series.

Today in The Latest Word:Looking at and listening to staff attempts to save the Rocky Mountain News. • The Denver Newspaper Guild is almost mum on renegotiating Denver Post and Denver Newspaper Agency contracts. • Spotted: more residential architectural atrocities. • Group blames a recent James Dobson honor for troubles at the Museum of Broadcast Communications. • We nominate Dana Perino for a Purple Heart in the shoe-hurling incident. If the shoe hits... -- Michael Roberts


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