The blog shortcut, December 16 edition

Only eight blogging days until Christmas.

Today in Cafe Society:The List: Best hotel restaurants. • Happy fifth birthday to Mezcal, which will soon get a sibling. • Is the second Santa Fe Tequila Company drying up?Smashburger is a smash in Wichita.

Today in Backbeat Online:Eric Eyl's Mile High Makeout on year-end lists. • Rap-Up: Nyke Nitti throws the "Top Back" with "Slap Muzik."A sneak peak at the Ideal Fathers' upcoming EP. • The Fray reveals the track list for the new album. • Local blogs list their year-end picks. • Listen to live tracks by Cephallic Carnage, which is playing a benefit this weekend. • Blackout Pact to record a follow-up to Hello Sailor. No. Really.

Today in The Latest Word:Fox 31 general manager Dennis Leonard on current rumors, future changes. • Steve Kelley on his ouster from Channel 31: "It's like a death..."The Denver connections to today's groundbreaking Detroit newspapers announcement. • Advice to Mark Udall: Don't take all of Wayne Allard's advice. • Saggy Boob Electric Penis: a video montage. Watch it with someone you love. -- Michael Roberts


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