The blog shortcut, December 9 edition

May we escort you to some blogs?

Today in Cafe Society:A slice from Mermaids Bakery and Pie House. • Now open: Mangia Bevi at Palazzo Verdi. • Mark Tarbell dubs his new restaurant Mark & Isabella. • Tyler Nemkov on what burned his toast. • The Cody Inn's new ownership. • Beer and Cheer slurps up Ten FIDDY Imperial Stout.

Today in Backbeat Online:C Rayz Walz settles in Colorado -- sort of. • Mile High Makeout discovers sunken treasure. • The latest lowdown on Radio 1190's Local Shakedown. • It's a very chiptunes Christmas.

Today in The Latest Word:Cory Boyd, the Broncos' next 100-yard runner, was once "back like cooked crack."The first potential Rocky Mountain News buyer isn't exactly a media powerhouse. • Tribune's bankruptcy will have little impact on Channel 2 -- because the cutting had already begun. • Tom Tancredo's idea for Obama's public-works project. • Josh Penry's fears about a plethora of parolees a big mythtake. Say that last word three times fast. -- Michael Roberts


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