The blog shortcut, February 11 edition

It's a day that probably won't live in infamy. But you never know...

Today in Backbeat Online: • The Fray tops Billboard 200. • The Decemberists, Thievery Corporation, John Prine shows announced. • Young Coyotes to release pair of EPs next month. • Watch DJ Chonz mix live every day at 11 a.m.... from his basement.Proxy appears on Hip Hope Hits composition, booked for Heavenfest. • Update: Flier of the week: Fell at Herman's Hideaway. • Sometimes finding fans requires crossing over. • Get "Pussy Whipped" for free. • Mile-Hi Fidelity broadcasting an hour earlier later tonight.

Today in Cafe Society:Oskar Blues opens new tasting room in Longmont. • Taki's leaves a legacy. • A picture's worth 1,000 calories. • How to shuck an oyster (without stabbing yourself and bleeding everywhere). • Developing: Ha No Phoi no mo'. • The birth of DJ's Berkeley Cafe, documented!

Today in The Latest Word:Denver no longer has to wonder: What Would Molly Brown Tweet?Q&A with Nothing But the Truth director Rod Lurie. • ColoradoBiz editor thinks Channel 4/Denver Business Journal series looks "very familiar."Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: global romance meltdown. • Chowing down on Ari Armstrong's low-carb food-stamp diet. Everything tastes better when it's eaten out of a tin cup.


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